Limited outdoor seating expectations

The inside taproom will remain closed at this time. Curbside pick-up will continue to be available. Here is what you can expect when you arrive and what we expect of you. Let's all respect one another and enjoy a beer while being mindful of sanitation and appropriate social distancing.

1. Please come in through the outside entrance of our patio. From there, there will be two tables where you can order. A chalkboard menu will be set up. No samples.

2. Adhere to the designated markings when lining up to order a beer.

3. Wear a face covering when ordering the beer from an appropriate distance. A face covering can be your jacket zipped up, etc.

4. Face coverings are required to enter into our building to use the restroom.

5. Our staff will be wearing face masks and changing gloves between servicing each customer. Service will be as contactless as possible with our servers setting the beer on the table for you to grab yourself.

6. If there is a wait to enter you can be put on a call reservation and wait in your car. No loitering in the patio or sidewalk areas.

7. Only plastic cups will be used. Mug Club Members will receive $1.00 discount due to the smaller serving.

8. If you feel sick or have been in contact with someone exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms please stay home.

We do not allow dogs inside or on the patio/deck of our brewery at this time. Of course, ADA Service Dogs are welcome anywhere.

Can we bring dogs to your brewery?

We do not serve food but we do allow you to bring in your own. Freshly made popcorn is available as a snack.

Do you serve food?
Where can we find your beer?

We currently only distribute in Michigan. Any retailer or bar signed up with our distributors can carry our beer so feel free to request it. Visit our beer finder for locations. 

Do you sell kegs?

We do not sell kegs directly from our brewery but you can purchase kegs of beer from any retailer that offers keg sales.

Do you offer tours?

We do not hold regularly scheduled tours mostly due to our busy production schedule. We will hold tours on specific weekends throughout the year. Please follow us on social media to stay updated. 

I am an artist. How do I book with you?

We hold most of our entertainment in the summer on Fridays. If you are interested in booking with us. please email Bryan our taproom manager at bgroff@cheboyganbrewing.com

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