Back in 2009 a few of us craft beer enthusiasts and history buffs from Cheboygan shared an idea. We dreamed of reestablishing a proud local brewery, one out of production since the wave of prohibition captured northern Michigan like it did the rest of the country. We imagined brewing fabulous beers that respected the heritage of the original recipes and brought time honored brewing techniques and a few brewmaster secrets to the table. We focused on the water. We went after taste.

Now, after 100 years of waiting, Cheboygan Brewing Company is back!

Master Brewer Mike Eme   The Brew Crew
Masterbrewer Mike Eme and the "Brew Crew"

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A variety of our beers are available depending on the season. You can find them in some of northern Michigan’s and the Upper Peninsula’s best pubs and restaurants and stores.

Cheboygan Brewing Company is a proud member of the Cheboygan Chamber of Commerce.
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